Anarchy; Shunned or Celebrated?

Anarchy is defined as a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority and to be frank, as of late, I can’t help but see myself as an anarchist. Yet why does this bring with it a negative connotation and why do I see myself as such? Simple. But complicated.

Every morning when I watch or read the news all I see is either a war, a threat of war, corruption, conflict, climate change and inequality. Now had I to ask you what the common thread is in each of those topics, could you give me an answer immediately? No. Of course not, I couldn’t either.

However, I cannot help but get angry when I read about children getting killed in Palestine (or the Gaza-strip), I cannot help but get angry when I hear that hundreds of thousands of people are dying in wars that they didn’t start (Iraq, Libya, Nigeria to name a few) and worst of all I am disgusted by the face slapping fact that our home, our earth, is being killed by me, by you, by the corporate vultures whom refuse to recognise the effects. So why then must I recognise authority? Why must we respect the leaders of the world when they are the cause (9 times out of 10) of these unnecessary wars?

What’s even worse is that those who come into power do not do so to keep ordinary people’s best interests at heart. Democracy when paired with capitalism allows for corporates to run a country and the result is; people like you and I are kept in the dark about almost everything. It’s like a game whereby the players are the politicians and the corporates and we are the spectators. Things that are shared are undoubtedly either untrue or have an agenda behind it. We saw just last month how Netanyahu got re-elected to serve as the leader for Israel, yet right off the bat he didn’t keep his promise of a two-state solution. We’ve seen countless times how politicians, in the run up to an election, make promises that when they are elected can’t keep. Since when has politics become a way of disconnecting a leader from the masses? Since when have the people of our society become a separate entity to that of those who represent us? There should be more communication on all levels of a society and better yet – politicians, leaders, representatives, members of parliament – whatever level of authority – need to once again represent the people that put them into the position they are.

So where do we now stand? Do we become anarchists in the way that we think and in our attitudes toward our current system? Or do we just accept what we have – do we accept the capitalist system that is leading to the destruction of our beautiful earth – do we accept the political system that maintains a facade of democracy? Ultimately I believe that there is no way forward – no safe and sustainable way forward anyway – unless there is a change. A change for the better, a change for our climate, a change for ourselves, a change for our systems so that one day – dare I say – we may actually be able to live in a society that is not dominated by the need for wealth, a society that does not possess greed in all its corners and a society that doesn’t have corrupt officials in levels of authority.

Do we then welcome and celebrate anarchy for the right reasons? Or do we shun it? The choice is ours.


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  1. Enjoyed this read, however I believe that it will be many years, if ever, that there will an Utopia for us all to live with equality and at peace with each other.

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