The Drone War; What We Should Think (OPINION)

Under the Obama administration over 5000 people have died from drone strikes alone .. You might think that these are the terrorists or criminals that they purposely target but the truth is that some of these people are in fact innocent civilians. Normal joes. Eating breakfast or walking their dog and then you know .. Boom

So what do we take away from this matter? Do we support the U.S. and their attempted murders of terrorists in the deepest and darkest corners of foreign countries which ultimately result in a few innocent deaths in order to counter terrorism? Well here are the facts;

Most Recent Drone Strike in Pakistan (12 April 2015)
Total strikes: 415
Obama strikes: 364Total killed: 2,449-3,949
Civilians killed: 423-962
Children killed: 172-207
Injured: 1,144-1,722
Most Recent Drone Strike in Yemen (21 April 2015)
Confirmed drone strikes: 91-111
Total killed: 436-646
Civilians killed: 65-96
Children killed: 8
Injured: 86-215

Most Recent Drone Strike in Somalia (12 March 2015)
Drone strikes: 9-13Total killed: 23-105
Civilians killed: 0-5
Children killed: 0
Injured: 2-7


Now obviously this information isn’t 100% reliable – I am not saying it is. However I don’t think it actually matters; look at for example how just recently the drone killed a US and Italian Citizen; that in itself is absurd. It is, in my opinion, a very careless and in a sense lazy way of countering terrorism. The people who have died in drone strikes like the ones shown above didn’t get anywhere near as much sympathy as the poor souls who got killed this week from the US and Italy.

It is this same mentality that some lives are worth more than others. Because the children are from these countries that are politically unstable and because their government are not as powerful; their lives become almost meaningless and worthless. You don’t see Obama ‘regretting’ and having sympathy for the 200 odd children his drone killed in Pakistan on the 12 of April? You don’t see the media reigniting debates after almost 100 people, normal innocent civilians, were killed by an american drone in Yemen on the 21st of April?

Westernised countries and their corresponding media outlets say that radicalism and terrorism is bad – and don’t get me wrong it is – but are what they doing not exactly the same? They are trigger happy militant radicals and they will only apologise for a civilian death if it come from either their country, an allies country or is of high status in another.

One life – a terrorists life – is not worth the death of 200 children. Terrorism is rife, yes. Radicalism and extremism is growing, yes. But lets combat it in a more peaceful way maybe? Not by carelessly killing civilians just to kill one or two people.

I guess what I am trying to say is, this radical interventionism of america and its allies has gotten to a point where with every strike they take at terrorists they kill innocent people. Need I say that these insurgents came about after President Bush led American troops into Iraq on a false accusation that there were WMD’s; yet we all know it was for the oil.

So when will innocent lives stop getting lost in a battle that we aren’t fighting? When will people be able to immigrate without getting spat out and killed or worse; be a victim of xenophobia? When will people truly be equal that one life, no matter what race or from what country, surmount to the same value as another life?

I am thus anti-drones. Anti-imperialism. Anti-war. Anti-capitalism. Because these things clearly bring about negative aspects to all strings of society; whether it may be an enormous wealth gap, unnecessary deaths, climate change etc.

And no; I’m no tree hugger. Just a man with morals.

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  1. International Law states no country or person has the right to commit genocide. This drone war and the war on terror are genocide. Chasing any group of people, including terrorists, across the globe over all countries to systematically bomb them and all the innocents around them is orchestrated genocide. Even Nazi war criminals get trials. Terrorists don’t? There is no attempt to bring them to justice. Bin Laden was flat out murdered. He should have faced trial. That isn’t justice. That is uncontrolled vigilantism at best.
    In international courts, the Bush and Obama administrations are facing war crimes from other countries as I speak. More countries are joining the efforts to stop this genocide. Germany is spearheading the European efforts against the Bush Administration for torture. Us allies are far less than they used to be since we’ve been on this torture and genocide rampage. Eventually, countries will issue warrants for arrests and pressure the US for them to be extradited. And if the US refuses, these countries, some of our allies, can place all sorts of sanctions against us worse than those placed on North Korea.
    Stop these wars and force all the criminals, including American Presidents to stand trial.

    • Yes I completely agree; justice doesn’t mean bombing terrorists and killing civilians you are right. Fair trial is a true democracy. Maybe that shows how the democracy we live in today is thus just a facade? A topic for another day maybe. But thank you for your comment.

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