The Big Shift

Check out Okay, so a lot has changed since Tshepo and I started this blog. We’ve both finished high school (successfully I might add), we’ve both gone to University and we’ve both decided to take this site more seriously. Our Perspective really only began to voice our […]

The chosen few.

So it is no secret that life is difficult and that adversity lies around every corner. Well for the majority of us at least. It seems now at days every twelve year old is going through some kind of Tumblr fueled existential that can only be remedied by […]

When is Enough, Enough?

I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but the world we live in today is kind of ridiculously unfair. No I’m not talking about racism and racial inequality, although that is still rife in a multitude of places, I am talking about world-wide inequality that more […]

Define your own success.

In this post-modern, ever changing, self-obsessed world where we are exposed to stories of peoples overnight successes it can be very demotivating to look at your own lives and the progress we’ve made over the years and try compare it to that of other people. It seems that […]

Golden Lives

Why is it that life can be cut so short – cut at the most unexpected of times – and cut short to the most amazing of people? Why is it that we die? I don’t necessarily think that anyone can really answer that question, just like the […]

The Purpose of Life

I don’t intend to keep you here too long, only long enough to maintain your attention and perhaps broaden your perspective. This topic is so wide spread it is a bit difficult to capture one certain definition of the phrase. I was executing my routine of a daily […]

Basic human etiquette.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my 17 long years, of which I have spent at least 4 riding around on a bicycle and more recently 3 months as a motorcyclist, it is that people have no consideration for anyone other than themselves. I appreciate the fact […]