The chosen few.

So it is no secret that life is difficult and that adversity lies around every corner. Well for the majority of us at least. It seems now at days every twelve year old is going through some kind of Tumblr fueled existential that can only be remedied by the smooth musical stylings of Drake or some other post-modern music artist who raps, sings, talks about the difficulties of love, life and everything in between.  For the average folk of society these trials and tribulations are a part of going through this crazy roller-coaster called life. But what about the not so ordinary members of society?

For decades the media has made it seem as though the lucky few who seem to have been handpicked by the man upstairs himself to live lives of absolute luxury and opulence have next to no real world issues or the regular problems faced by you and I. These celebrities and members of the billionaires club are often seen jetting from one side of the world to the next in pursuit of their next thrill or adventure. This begs the question. How? How do they do it? How does one person start of at the ranks of peasant then one day wake up as the king/queen of all they survey?

Now before we proceed it is important to note this is no conspiracy article about how they are all members of the Illuminati or how they all form part of a greater plot to take over the world through the use of popular gang signs and Kanye verses. This is a critical look at how these everyday folk break out of the cycle of mediocrity to becoming the names on everyone’s lips.

In interviews these individuals are quoted as saying “I simply worked hard”, but you see as I get older and the prospect of determining what I will be doing for the rest of my life looms ever so closer the answer “I worked hard” simply does not cut it anymore so upon some further research this is what I found. The final conclusion was one that took me hours to come to grips with. Simply put it’s their X factor.

Something special within these people that make them a cut above the rest, you see in the world of the high speed Wi-Fi and endless content we are exposed to extraordinary talent every day. I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of seeing someone who is spectacular at what they do and comparing them to someone who is far more successful in the same field yet lacks the talent of the other. This is because we live in a world where talent doesn’t guarantee you success anymore. You have to make yourself stand out from the crowd, be confident, promote yourself everywhere you go and when they say work hard what they mean is. Take every opportunity as it comes. Seek these opportunities, ask people for them and make things happen.

Kevin Hart makes it no secret that he spends time with as many successful people as he can not only to learn from them but as he puts it “to leech off of them” constantly promoting any new projects, idea or products he might be affiliated with at the time. In the pursuit of success you have to put your pride aside and ask people to believe in you, through your confidence in yourself these people will have confidence in you. Luck is where talent meets hard work and that hard work is what has afforded the top 1% of our world to have some of the opportunities they  seem to have every day. The harder you work the luckier you’ll become and as far as 2nd and 3rd word problems go…the fewer you’ll have.

Now if you will excuse me I have a lot of “work” to do. Until next time my name is Tshepo Motaung YouTuber and young leader be sure to check out my channel and remember to love life and all the people in it.

Channel: www.youtube.com/tsh77271

Instagram: @tsh77271


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