Month: August 2014

Brains Under the Red Beret

This article is opinion based For those of you who follow South African politics you would know that much like fighting movies – such as Fight Club and Never Back Down – South Africa has two main contenders for the belt (and now recently three). The African National […]

Freedom is a Choice.

I took this picture of my brother and when I showed it to my mom she fell in love with it. She told me that she loved how happy and free he looked and it got me thinking. If we could be like children, we wouldn’t have half […]

iStore; The modern day bank.

So, we know that technology has changed the way we see the world.  Most of us view this change as amazing, revolutionising, convenient blah blah blah – whilst others (mainly the older generation) find that it throws them back into the stone age – due to their lack […]

A Man in The Lesotho Mountains

A man that lives in the Lesotho mountains. I was driving with my family through the mountains of beautiful Lesotho, beside the road in the most remote section of our climb we saw this interesting man. He had packed himself up with blankets and clothes to secure his […]

Our Idea

Recently i was in a nearby shopping centre, shopping for clothes and a man came up to me – very innocent looking, dressed well, with a concerning look on his face told me a very sad story about how his wife and children were in Ivory Coast stuck in the […]