Month: June 2014

Memorial Monday

Here in South Africa its Youth Day – remembering the events of the 16th Of June 1976. The Soweto Uprising On the 16 June 1976, the students of Soweto took to the streets to protest against the governments new regulation that black students had to study their subjects […]

Putin; President or Czar?

This past weekend I got quite an interesting article from my grandfather about Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and what drives him. The article in the Time Magazine argues that the Russian president is in fact not a premier president but instead a Czar who is heavily invested in […]

A Sporting Special

As I write this it is important to note that it is a Saturday morning and I have been suffering from writers block for the past 3, yes that’s right 3 days! Fortunately my job today is a simple one, create a post that will bring a light […]

Apple, What’s Next? (WWDC)

So – for those of you who don’t live under rocks, yesterday was the long awaited World Wide Development Conference in Sunny San Francisco California. Each year dozens of developers from around the world gather together in what seems to be a nerd herd and discuss how they […]


While writing what is officially my first post I had to fight my emotions so that I did not just end up typing an angry piece of writing so before I add my two cents into the whole situation here are the facts: On the 14th of April […]

‘The Reign in Spain’

Spain’s King Juan Carlos(76) of almost 40 years has agreed to abdicate in favour of his son, and heir Prince Felipe. Believe it or not there are still fairytale Kings and Queens of the modern day – Spain’s constitutional monarchy governed under the constitution of 1978 has been […]

Meet Tshepo

Hello My name is Tshepo Motaung from South Africa, I’m 16 years old and if I’m honest there’s not too much to say about me I mean sure I guess I’m one of the busiest teenagers around town but to me it’s just part of life. So what […]