Month: July 2014

How to Cripple An Economy

Being able to boast that you are from South Africa is easily one of the most spectacular titles one could hold. Unfortunately this self-proclaimed privilege can be the focal point of the proverbial double edged sword that can just as easily stir up a frenzy of emotion and […]


50 Years ago I wouldn’t of been able to sit here and type into a screen the size of an opened book and share my thoughts with the entire world. 50 Years ago someone who told you they would be able to see and know everything going on […]

Cannibalism, Upsets & Goals

The 2014 Fifa World Cup As the most expensive world cup draws to an end all we can do is reflect on the glory and mishaps of what I have dubbed as the ‘World Cup of Disappointments’. None of us can deny the fact that this years world […]

Made in S.A

We live in a very diverse country that allows every person to stand up and be themselves, but not only that but to be truly South African. There’s no doubt in my mind that denies the fact that each human being in South Africa would truly say that […]