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The chosen few.

So it is no secret that life is difficult and that adversity lies around every corner. Well for the majority of us at least. It seems now at days every twelve year old is going through some kind of Tumblr fueled existential that can only be remedied by […]

Define your own success.

In this post-modern, ever changing, self-obsessed world where we are exposed to stories of peoples overnight successes it can be very demotivating to look at your own lives and the progress we’ve made over the years and try compare it to that of other people. It seems that […]

Basic human etiquette.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my 17 long years, of which I have spent at least 4 riding around on a bicycle and more recently 3 months as a motorcyclist, it is that people have no consideration for anyone other than themselves. I appreciate the fact […]

The Hippo Roller

“Because water shouldn’t be a burden, a should be a gift to all.” So, this everyone, is our first project of the OurPerspective.OurCharities campaign. Check our Indiegogo page The Our Perspective. Our Charities campaign is aimed at identifying the charities most dear to our heart and trying to […]

A Man in The Lesotho Mountains

A man that lives in the Lesotho mountains. I was driving with my family through the mountains of beautiful Lesotho, beside the road in the most remote section of our climb we saw this interesting man. He had packed himself up with blankets and clothes to secure his […]

A Sporting Special

As I write this it is important to note that it is a Saturday morning and I have been suffering from writers block for the past 3, yes that’s right 3 days! Fortunately my job today is a simple one, create a post that will bring a light […]