The Big Shift

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Okay, so a lot has changed since Tshepo and I started this blog. We’ve both finished high school (successfully I might add), we’ve both gone to University and we’ve both decided to take this site more seriously.

Our Perspective really only began to voice our opinions on matters around the world that we had to share. It was a platform where we could connect to a larger audience and hopefully spark some ‘nifty’ debates or learn a thing or two here and there.

We have begun to realise that we need to focus more on South Africa. South Africa is an extremely diverse and beautiful country with a wild plethora of different voices and opinions that we believe we can add to – and perhaps even educate others whilst we educate ourselves too.

So we decided to ditch wordpress.com and open up an independent site on wordpress.org. Its not that big of a shift but a lot has changed. We basically have a brand new, completely different looking website that we believe is more user-friendly and easy on the eyes, but also appeals to people visually whilst not taking away from what is being said.

So what can you expect? Well, what you can expect is more in-depth analysis of South Africa’s political situations, uncomplicated reviews and summaries on rather difficult concepts regarding current affairs and a weekly summary for the busy man and woman who don’t have that much time to fully grasp the world of rhetoric and opinionated news. Check out our new posts on that site too, to get a feel for the type of material you can expect from now on.

We really don’t want to lose our 1200 odd subs here on this site and so, we invite all of you reading this today – to head on over to our new site, leave a comment on our About page telling us what you think, maybe sign up to our new site, look around the posts and enjoy. We will no longer be posting on this site and in about 3 or 4 weeks I will be shutting this website down.

To all of our Subs, to our contributors and friends who have written for us, to Brandon Yang for helping with the new site  and to all our friends and family – we thank you for coming on this Journey with Tshepo and I and we hope you will continue to follow us as we navigate the streets of life and continue with our passion in a new home…

The new face of OUR PERSPECTIVE can  be found at www.ourperspective.co.za

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