Month: April 2015

Is ignorance truly bliss?

Far too often people attempt to argue about concepts, ideas and incidents when they have no knowledge about the subject matter. It seems in a society where the answer to all of life’s questions can be found on the first page of google, everyone believes that they are […]

Anarchy; Shunned or Celebrated?

Anarchy is defined as a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority and to be frank, as of late, I can’t help but see myself as an anarchist. Yet why does this bring with it a negative connotation and why do I see myself as such? […]

The chosen few.

So it is no secret that life is difficult and that adversity lies around every corner. Well for the majority of us at least. It seems now at days every twelve year old is going through some kind of Tumblr fueled existential that can only be remedied by […]