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Golden Lives

Why is it that life can be cut so short – cut at the most unexpected of times – and cut short to the most amazing of people? Why is it that we die? I don’t necessarily think that anyone can really answer that question, just like the […]

What the Hero gets…

At the end of the day, when the people sleep sweet and the dreams come alive, I doubt that anybody gave thought to the soul that cried. You see the hero fly, how he saves the day, but when the sun sets no body knows  about how the […]

The Unknown

None are more hopelessly enslaved, than those that believe they are free. “Take your finger”, said a man who id only had council for a mere 10 minutes, “Take your finger, place it into your glass of water and hold it there.” Ross was his name, a peculiar […]

Are you living your dream?

I’ve often heard that ‘Dreaming is for children’ , ‘Get your head out of the clouds’ and ‘It’s time to face reality’. According to the people who live in reality, dreams are for children but goals are for adults. The only way you can live your dream is […]

For the thrill of it

On the 25th of April this year my dad and I went open water diving with sharks. This photo was taken by the guy that took us on the dive that worked for Blue Wilderness(the company that does the dives) . This was THE most incredible thing I […]

The Fire Within

Every flame needs a spark , something to start it,something to keep it going. In the same way every human needs a goal , an ambition, something to start a dream and a reason to follow it. This photo might be eye-catching and it might show complete natural […]

Trust or Greed?

An Original Photo by Robyn Patmore I took this picture at Hout Bay Harbour, Cape Town on the 24th August.  My family and I were boarding a boat that would take us to Seal Island, when we saw this happening and what I saw really left me in […]

The Global Refugee Crisis

Here’s a position paper I wrote for the 2014 SAIAA Conference, during the conference I and two others were representing South Korea in a Model United Nations debate. We turned out to have a resolution that was accepted by the likes of delegates of America, Russia, Germany, Philippines, […]

Freedom is a Choice.

I took this picture of my brother and when I showed it to my mom she fell in love with it. She told me that she loved how happy and free he looked and it got me thinking. If we could be like children, we wouldn’t have half […]