Thank our Systems for Xenophobia. Not the People.

As we have seen in the past week, the xenophobic attacks here in my home of South Africa have shocked and frustrated many of us. Those from one culture are forcing those from other countries and cultures to flee the country; leave their homes, quit their jobs and leave it all behind. But why? Is it because there is detestation and too much diversity among the people of our great nations? Or is it because our society has become so accustomed to hatred and social injustice that it has become second nature and almost habitual – to force out and discriminate against those who are not like us, kill those who disagree with us and give no care in the world for those who socially below us.

Yet don’t kid yourself; this is happening in places other than South Africa. We have seen how people trying to immigrate from the instability of the middle eastern and north african countries  are dying and drowning on their way to Europe or then being rejected by countries like Italy, Greece and the United Kingdom. Over 1000 people have already died this year trying to make that tough journey across the Mediterranean ocean; yet we still look down on them as foreigners and people who come to ‘our’ country and steal ‘our’ resources.

It is immensely sad that in today’s age we look at people around the globe as selective and in singular isolated communities all hating one another for things that are indefinitely out of our control. We have begun to look at people and countries in such a way that they are foreign to us; yet that should definitely not be. We should see the people trying to migrate or the people looking for work in our country as fellow HUMAN BEINGS. It is thanks to militarisation that people have begun seeing their country as better than another. This is not true, no human is better than another, no life is worth less than another and no country is truly better than another. Maybe one country has a nicer view of the ocean or nicer sausages…but that’s really all it should be.

When we look at capitalism and corporate interventionism, that has ultimately caused the chaos in the middle eastern and north african countries, we are actually the ones to blame (or atleast western governments and politicians). This is a war between political systems and a fight for resources – those who are in abundance and crave more take from those who are helpless – and almost always it is the people who become the victims of such a war.

The same for here in South Africa. These people who have been kicked out of our country, came here for a better life, came here so that their children will not have to live under the poverty and injustice Zimbabwe offers, they came here to flee from famine and political instability. Yet we kick them out because they do not speak the same language as us?

People are being treated as though they are nothing. It is the politicians who cause this injustice. It is the system of capitalism and the corporates of the westernised world that are causing instability and social injustices. Kick them out. Bring them down. Focus on the right things. Focus on President Jacob Zuma and his inability to successfully run this country and cause more and more political and social injustice. Focus on President Obama and the Obama administration and its vile and imperialistic foreign policies that cause insurgents like ISIS and Al Qaeda to do the horrid things they do and thus cause people to flee their countries in search for a better life. Focus on corporate vultures who are causing climate change and thus in turn cause droughts, famine and lack of resources.

Focus on you; your attitude toward people who are different, toward people who come from somewhere you are unfamiliar with, toward people who speak a different language, toward the system of capitalism and how it is degrading all aspects of our society, toward westernised policies and of course corporate colonisation.

It is the instability, injustice and pursuit of a better life that causes people to flee into something as unknown and foreign as a whole new country or continent. We must sympathise with these people, we must offer aid and refuge to these people. When did humanity become a series of singular units all hating each other because of differences?

Once we, the people, acknowledge we are all the same – here on this planet – for a pursuit of happiness, and that my country is your country and my home is your home, then we may finally begin to realise that the people, the systems and the businesses that are to blame – are those who have forced you to believe that they are right.

Thank you Capitalism for creating social injustice and enormous wealth gaps. Thank you Western Countries for causing instability and unrest in pursuit of resources to feed your obese society. Thank you corporate junkies for allowing interventionism to cause lawlessness and chaos. Thank you South Africa, for rejecting people who when they needed help the most – were forced to relocate back to the place they ran from.



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