Is Capitalism to blame for the Ukraine Crisis?

A rather controversial and idiosyncratic way of looking at the origins of the crisis that has left the Ukraine’s economy and political stability in tatters. Recently we have seen both NATO and Russia’s armies either doing ‘military exercises’ or being called to be on ‘red alert’, which begs the question – are we going to see another civil war? By capitalism, I mean the countries that so proudly exhibit the vulture-like qualities that come with the ideology that has led to most problems in our world. This is just one.

A quick recap of how this whole thing started; firstly in 2010 Ukraine’s parliament abandoned plans to join NATO. Then in 2013 former President Yanukovych backs out of a trade deal with the European union and as a result protests and demonstrations begin in Kiev. Later that year, Putin agrees to buy $15Billion of Ukraine’s debt and reduce the price of natural gas supplied to the country. Early in 2014 Yanukovych’s powers as President are reduced and rolls back parts of the Constitution. Feb 2014 Yanukovych flees the country because of supposed ‘coup’. Turchinov named as interim president and elections scheduled for May. March 16 – referendum scheduled by Crimea’s parliament, have results that show 96.7% of population want to be part of Russia and not Ukraine. The next day, Crimea’s regional parliament ‘applies’ to join with Russia and Putin signs a decree that recognises the independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Crimea. Then on February 12 of 2015 the Russian, French and Ukraine Presidents as well as German Chancellor meet in Minsk and establish a ceasefire and an agreement for both sides to pull back heavy weaponry. Source – CIA World Fact-book

So now what is Americas involvement in all of this? Well to be real, Russia is the only country in the world that is able to confront America on its ‘aggressive’ foreign policy and we know that nobody here wants a war, but in my opinion Washington doesn’t want to particularly lose their leading position in the world now do they. Had the United States not intervened in the Ukraine, we would of seen Russia and Europe partaking in economic and trade and integration which would undoubtedly of led to a decline in americas GDP. This capitalist mentality that leaders in Washington possess is ultimately going to lead to a civil war and possibly a third world war not just with the situation in Ukraine, that same mentality was present in Iraq which debatably led to the creation of the insurgents today.

Moreover, America knows that until they are self sufficient in energy sources and as long as the Middle east is in unrest, Russia remains the most stable source of oil imports into Europe. And of course the MNC ExxonMobil from America has understood this particularly well, which is why they are currently buying every oil lease in Russia it can lay its hands on. A perfect example of american imperialism for you.(Source)

We have seen before how America advances on economic opportunities with the likes of oil in Iraq, so whats to stop them from advancing on circumstances that threaten economic opportunity? The last thing that America needs is a strong alliance between Russia and Germany as this is ultimately an allegiance to be reckoned with, yet despite this and the US plans to deteriorate relations between Moscow and Europe – countries like Norway are still going ahead with economic relations. Amid the current sanctions. Statoil, Norway’s biggest energy producer, looks to deepen in its involvement in economic partnership with Russia as BloombergBusiness states.

So in essence, the situation in the Ukraine is not about sovereignty or democracy or even Russian aggression. Its about Ukraine centrality and the areas influence, its about how, if Russia had to establish free trade zones across Europe, America would become this isolated state with worsening economic conditions. And of course our conquering friends in Washington cannot let that happen.

“The conflict in Ukraine is nothing more than an attempt by the United States to provoke Russian military intervention, which in its turn will entail sanctions that would eventually lead to the destruction of economic relations between Russia and Europe”. (Source) Furthermore, I believe that German chancellor, and some members of the EU for that matter, have been reluctant in their sanctions with Russia because Germany gets its Natural gas supply from Russia, what a surprise, and america continues to prove it is untrustworthy. This may prove why a consensus has not been reached yet with regard to sanctions.

And lastly, we see that in 2013 many US and EU officials, according to Ron Paul’s weekly column, started to provoke protests in Kiev and encourage the Ukrainian protestors to take action against the pro-russians. “Soon a steady stream of US and EU politicians were openly participating, as protesters called for the overthrow of the Ukrainian government. Senator John McCain made several visits to Kiev and even addressed the crowd to encourage them. ‘Imagine if a foreign leader like Putin or Assad came to Washington to encourage protesters to overthrow the Obama Administration!'”

At the end of the day I cannot, and thereof do not have enough experience or knowledge, to sit back and just accuse the american government of causing turmoil in the Ukraine. (Although as we have seen in the past, it wouldn’t be a surprise) Nevertheless the Russian government too have been wrong in many instances…I feel like this is another Cold War argument but in the modern day…

Ultimatly, no matter the intentions of either side, this political unrest and instability in the Ukraine must come to an end. How, I don’t know. When, I don’t know. About the only thing you and I can do in our hypnotized state of despondency and lack of power is wait and watch the whole thing unfold.


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