Define your own success.

In this post-modern, ever changing, self-obsessed world where we are exposed to stories of peoples overnight successes it can be very demotivating to look at your own lives and the progress we’ve made over the years and try compare it to that of other people. It seems that no matter how consistently or methodically you work it is never enough. While other people are over flowing with creative new ideas and opportunities to make a success of themselves you are left wondering what your next step in life will be. Our instagram feeds are flooded with images that glorify the lives of the rich, the exclusivity of the objects we will never own and the idealistic ways in which we wish we lived our lives. It seems we have lost touch with the essence of what it means to be truly happy and that our idea of absolute joy seems to be lacking the substance it once did. Instead we look to Tumblr to define what it means to truly love, twitter to see how our Hollywood elite are in a timeless joy where money is nothing more than the paint they use to paint the canvas of their lives. For us more middle class individuals we have become voyeurs who find pleasure in watching how the lavish few in the world live out their semi-immoral lives filled with unnecessarily large amounts of money, sexual favours knocking at their doors and endless youth that seems to last a life time. Whilst all of this seems to bring about mixed emotions in people who do not know whether to be highly impressed with the way people have “won” the game of life or appalled by the lack of respect these people seem to have towards most things in their lives one thing is for sure. The high profile rollers in our world have drawn a lot of attention to themselves and for the most part they love it. In recent years more and more of the “selected few” have come on record to admit that the life portrayed by the media isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The lack of privacy no matter where you are or what you are doing has proven to be more than some can handle. For others it is simply the fact that their lives have been forever changed that has driven them beyond the point of no return. Susan Boyle the frumpy 50 year old conservative from a small town in Scotland was over whelmed with fame in 2009 when she stepped on the Britain’s got talent stage where she stole the hearts of millions across the world with her incredible voice. The Britain’s got talent runner up quickly buckled under the pressure of the world when she had to be admitted into a mental clinic after the negativity of social media became too much for her. This is but one example of an overnight success not being everything it seems to be. Resident instagram celebrity and poker player Dan Bilzerian is internationally acclaimed for living the “perfect” life. This multi billionaire is known for his vast array of expensive guns, unbelievably gorgeous women around him at all times and enough money to fund a life time of fun has captured the attention of 6.9 million people who all aspire to be like good ol’Dan.  Little do people know that Dan is not shy about telling interviewers how he feels as if he has nothing more to live for. After having done everything he has ever wanted to do Dan says that his riches have afforded him every worldly experience he has or ever will want. His immoral lavish lifestyle has desensitized him to the world around him. It seems that extreme cases of success result in extreme personality’s among these individuals and that it is the ones who worked methodically for years that retain their humble grounded nature. More often than not it is the young overnight successes that seem to be the most unstable, the ones who do not respect the value of money or know what it means to work hard. Now I am not for a moment saying that all millionaires are insensitive individuals who care about nothing more than material possessions or that all billionaires’ live wasteful excessive lifestyles. What I am saying is that these are the only ones that we are made aware of and that these are the ones that social media make us want to aspire to be like and that this culture is fostering a selfish, apathetic generation. What is the solution for the way society is going? Well the answer is not focusing our anger at the rich and forcing them to change their lifestyles. We should rather look inwards at ourselves and the way in which we are conducting ourselves. We should not be demotivated by the way these individuals seem to have all the opportunities of the world available to them around every corner. We have to have faith and confidence in what we are doing and believe in the vision we have for ourselves and not conform to the way which society tells us to succeed. In life there are not right or wrong answers but purely lessons to be learnt. Once again my name is Tshepo Motaung Youtuber, young person and aspiring success story until next time remember to love life and all the people in it. My channel: www.youtube.com/tsh77271


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