Youtube: Broadcast yourself

With seven billion hours of videos watched every month, one billion unique users and over 100 videos uploaded every minute I think it is safe to say that in the 10 years YouTube has been around it has not only earned its spot as the second largest search engine in the world, rivalled only by Google its owner, but that it has truly revolutionised the way in which we consume content today.

YouTube has become more then just a platform for adolescents to post videos of their friends getting injured or participating in mind numbingly unintelligent activities in the attempts of achieving of viral video fame. Long gone are the days when YouTube was good for nothing more then filling up long unproductive hours with content designed to do nothing but assist you in your efforts to procrastinate from what you were meant to be doing.

This social media powerhouse has become an influential part of the world we live in. More often then not thanks the wonders of modern technology major world events, natural disasters and even the occasional plane crash or presidential tumble are caught on a video and instantly find their way to the internet for the world to see. Large news corporations like CNN, Sky news and even our very own ENCA have all established YouTube channels where they can relay news faster then ever before. This ability to immediately spread information with no delay or hesitation is essential to the spread of news or impending danger.

For some YouTube serves as a far more personal platform where people have found comfort in sharing some of their most personal moments and intimate thoughts with the rest of the world. Finding videos of wedding proposals, babies first step videos and in more recent years the coming out videos have become path of the course. YouTube has become a place where people who seek the love and support of others can come to view videos aimed directly at this demographic. These creators as they have come to be known as focus on creating content that is both uplifting and often humorous. It is these channels that have the most traffic most notably the top 3 non commercially owned YouTube channels consist of Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie with 34.4 million subscribers, the dynamic duo of Smosh with 19.7 million subscribers and queen of the internet herself Jenna marbles with 14.6 million subscribers.

It is when we analyse these figures that we come to understand how more and more people are choosing to take the risk of becoming a YouTuber as a profession. The YouTube partnership program allows for these and many more to take the plunge into a career as professional content creator. Unfortunately how ever with the growth of any social media platform the dangers of exposing yourself to the world increase significantly. One can never be too careful when dealing with the overwhelming negativity that surrounds such an interactive website. These individuals who focus on creating a vacuum of negative comments and feedback have appropriately been named trolls. These menaces to the cyber society find no greater pleasure then breaking down others.

Fortunately there are hosts of buddying filmmakers, hopeful musicians, gut busting comedians and inspiring activists who practice what they preach by changing countless lives everyday these beacons of hope are on the front lines of the war against depression, anxiety and general unhappiness. So to steal the outro from my role model and favourite YouTuber Mr Ben Brown remember to work hard be nice to people and try not get lost or killed okay love you bye.

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel ( www.youtube.com/tsh77271 ) to see what life in sunny South Africa is like as an adventurous teenager who is surrounded by the craziest people, most amazing situations and a healthy dose of positive vibes. As always I am Tshepo Motaung and remember to love life and all the people in it!


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