Here’s to what could have been

An original photo by Robyn Patmore

An original photo by Robyn Patmore

As you stand in the break of the waves, sand under your feet, moon and stars in the sky and splashes of water that fly and hit you as you stare into the horizon where the land and sea meet. You start getting hypnotized by the sound, and the pull and push of the waves. 

Lost in the world inside your head you start to think of all things imaginable. You start sorting through your problems and solutions, maybe wondering about your purpose, maybe even thinking that you have none. You start  deciding on decisions that before were too much of an emotional topic to go onto. Maybe it is the sound and motion of the waves that keep you calm, or maybe, even the brightness of the stars and moon. It’s time to look inside yourself, realize that every person that is in our lives is here to either teach us a lesson or for us to teach them a lesson. We have people who will catch us, who will drop us, who will never even try to help us. People who will hurt us, love us, learn from us.  What we have to realize is that the world is balanced. You need the stars and the moon in the night as a symbol of light in the dark. Just how you need challenges to help you learn, grow and realize the positive things in life. Maximum growth occurs on the border of challenge and support. So if you feel you are being challenged, look around and see who is supporting you and know that you are never alone. However, realize that the people around you can only help you stand, but they can never make you walk. We are only given challenges that we can handle. So no matter what you are going through, no matter how hard, pick yourself up. Think through and analyze your challenges and figure out what you can learn from them. Sometimes to learn we have to say goodbye, and as hard as that is, instead of feeling heart broken about it, raise your glass of life and say ,  “Here’s to what could have been…” , Whether it’s to the man that should have lived, the child that should have been born, the boy that never loved you back, the girl that broke your heart or the people that always put you down, find the reason on why they are in your life, what they have come to teach you, and once you have learned the lesson from them, let them go. Do not keep people who serve no purpose in your life, because if you do, you will be carrying a weight so heavy that you will never be able to fly. So appreciate what you have, even the things that you have to let go. And once you have are ready to let go of the things that no longer serve you,  just raise your glass of life and lessons and say, “Here’s to what has been.”

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