The Purpose of Life

I don’t intend to keep you here too long, only long enough to maintain your attention and perhaps broaden your perspective. This topic is so wide spread it is a bit difficult to capture one certain definition of the phrase. I was executing my routine of a daily dose of 9gag, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, I realised that throughout several posts I came across a number of similarities hidden “between the lines” which begged me to ask “What is the true purpose of life?”. So I might be cutting to conclusions or getting a bit over dramatic but if we were born to die and everyone dies the same way then shouldn’t we be striving to create a persona of ourselves that is theoretically immortal? I believe that famous beings throughout history, namely Shakespeare and Hitler, sought to live eternally but not in the form of life rather in the form of their achievements which will be taught to students globally for centuries perhaps even a millennium. My high school history teacher once told me that certain historians believe that we can forge our future by preventing the same mistakes that came to happen in the past but my biology teacher also told me that the human brain works very similarly to a machine with a single purpose, to get the job done, multiple times, basically she means that the human brain is repetitive, in other words, prone to redo the same actions as our ancestors but apparently in a “smarter way” which got me thinking, how do we go about fixing mistakes that are bound to happen again? I will save that topic for next time, my main objective in this post is to converse with the audience reading this, a topic which is infinite depending on your opinion, something you can share with your friends and perhaps even begin a constructive argument.

In my opinion I believe that the world remains as immature as it was a hundred years ago, the statement was directly aimed at the entirety of humankind, some of us strive to better the lifestyle that we live in and seek peace but a numerous amount of us, the majority of the human race, remain in a constant state of barbaric behaviours, consistently at war with our own race over which religion is right and this majority happens to include the people who rule our world, who believe that what they are fighting for is peace meanwhile a cartoon artist is killed in France for drawing, that completely justifies everything that I have said.

I’m not typing all this out to give you an answer to the question – “What is the purpose of life” – but to help you reach a conclusion, the final piece to YOUR puzzle. People often tell me that the mistakes and choices of my past could potentially alter the final outcome of my future.

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  1. You certainly hit a “heavy ball” very well – for each of us we have to determine what is a natural course of events and what has become contrived or learned behaviour. If we did learn for the the past we wouldn’t have wars, do something to prevent suffering and certainly not elect people who want to run the country because they think they know best.

    We do need to repeat certain behaviours, see things repeatedly because this creates memory but we never need to repeat a mistake, the engrained learned behaviour should be rejected.

    Thank you for a thought provoking article.

  2. I’m impressed that someone so young writes so well. Kudos to you. In response to your post, I do believe mankind continues to repeat the same actions over and over because it is permeated with fear and the sense of lack in the world. A mind shift is necessary and it begins with people like you who are questioning the ways of the world. Social media can help by informing the masses in a way never possible in the past. There is much power in it and it has become a venue for encouraging others to take back their power, to learn about others across the globe and to see others as a reflection of themselves. A positive change in the world begins with you, with me and with others willing to offer an option other than fear, oppression and judgment. One person CAN make a difference and with this blog you have started the ball rolling. Thank you for that and for visiting Tovarysh.

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