Basic human etiquette.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in my 17 long years, of which I have spent at least 4 riding around on a bicycle and more recently 3 months as a motorcyclist, it is that people have no consideration for anyone other than themselves. I appreciate the fact that piloting any form of transportation that has less than four wheels is extremely dangerous. I also know that common sense tells you that when approaching anyone of these vehicles one must exercise caution which leads me on to my topic of the week. Before proceeding I am aware that my posts are very emotive and opinionated and therefore cater to a far more niche target audience more specifically those who enjoy a good story followed by an inevitable lesson.

This week after witnessing what can only be described as a combination of both inconsiderate and selfish behaviour I felt the need to address basic human etiquette seeing as a large portion of the population seem to be unaware of any such etiquette.  In life there are a set of rules that as humans we have to simply become accustom to and abide by. The most obvious being that one must consider the fact that they are surrounded by other humans on this earth and that one must respect said surrounding humans. I emphasise RESPECT. No one is forced to like anyone else but simply respect their religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, points of views and the list simply goes on. Now in an effort to tackle these pressing matters in a slightly more light hearted manner allow me to give some simple yet very annoying examples I seem to face on a daily basis.

My first complaint is to those individuals who move at an unacceptably slow pace whether in a car, walking in malls or even worse corridors or anywhere that requires you to move at a pace as to not obstruct others. To me this is simply the best example of selfish, inconsiderate behaviour. I do agree that life is not a race and there is no need to always be moving at a neck breaking speed but once again consider those who do have things to do. Far too often I am stuck behind someone moving so slowly it seems like they are going to stop all together and start moving backwards. This causes me a great deal of anxiety, stress and frustration. What is the solution for this you might be wondering? Be the better person and kindly move over and allow people to pass you as to not get in their way. Unfortunately as always in life there must be compromise, to those who are in a rush do not allow your frustration to dictate the manner in which you conduct yourself. Do not drive right up to the person you are following, flash your lights with the anger of an upset parent ready to beat the common sense back into their child. Be rational and control yourself, be composed and take in the anger and practice patience, it is after all a virtue.

Respect the ideas and opinions of others especially those who are trying to better not only themselves but also the rest of the world or the greater community around them. In my case this extends to those who ridicule anything or anyone who is different /passionate about something that they are doing whether it is creating  a YouTube channel, writing a blog, attempting to be a male ballet dancer or even someone who aspires to be a professional Instagramer. Do not judge anyone until you know where they have come from, what they’ve been through and where they are on an emotional level. Even the most powerful people we know have weaknesses and flaws that they are not proud of and are trying to repress. Now by no means am I saying we should constantly be walking on eggshells whenever we are around people or dealing with others. My examples pertain to thinking before you speak as to not offend others.

Although I could easily continue listing a host of things that people do that anger me I feel the more I write the sillier and more irrelevant my examples would become. The moral of the story is that these are things we have to think about as people on mother earth. Most importantly if you have read this and you feel like you have not encountered any of these problems then chances are that, you are the problem and you need to do some serious self-reflection!

P.s use your mirrors, stop at stop signs and check both ways before you pull out!

As always I am Tshepo Motaung and until next time remember to love life and all the people in it.


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